Mobile app

Our app analyses your consumption data

Grocery Stores

Match the products’ prices and how
did they fits to you personally


We have our own database
with the best recipes included


Check what you need based on
personal nutrition data 

Mobile application

Coming soon on Android & iOS

Our product is a platform that joins many participants into the nutrition process into a unified ecosystem, instead of building stand-alone applications for each category. The app supports eating in restaurants, cooking at home and shopping in supermarkets.

A few things we’re great at

We’re building a new unicorn!
Our concept is proven. Our partners are strong.

Global mindset

Scalable business. Technology may be applied to any country

Unique innovation

We have developed an AI-based solution using Big Data and Geoinformatics

Experienced team

Experienced team representative have been worked in top projects for many years

Social Impact

Project helps to archieve United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #3 (Good Health and Well-Being)

High-quality software 

Software is developed in cooperation with the international partner. Fully-functioning beta version is ready


Approved by Estonian Startup Commitee and included in the official Estonian Startup Database


Our Mission is to make you & people around you happy and healthy!

We strict to create the world of mindful and individualized consumption without constraining boundaries.

The world where people may meet their individual nutritional needs and maintain healthy eating habits everywhere!

A Social Request

Why the service is needed?

Live longer & better. AI-based solution will help person to live a fulfilling life with balanced eating, thereby increasing the standard of living.

Food diversity & individuality. The app is an irreplaceable tool for those who following diet with respect of food intolerances and micro-nutrition imbalances. Personal master plan for life.

Our team

We are highly motivated team of professionals with proven track record in relevant industries

FOUNDER / strategy

Founder of several projects, EEN (Enterprise Europe Network), ex-KPMG


CEO / CSO of several
successful projects

Legal / communications

LEXTAL Law Firm: founder, partner, 25+ years of experience



20+ years practical work as Project Manager and Business Analyst in big international IT projects in Europe (mainly in the telecommunication sector)